Treating acne scars nyc new york ny

Acne scars can be a devastating condition, and they have been notoriously difficult to treat. As noted by other physicians, they are almost impossible to remove completely, but we have many options to make the appearance of the scars much better.

There are different types of scars: some are shallow and gradual, some are deep - "ice-pick" scars - some are pigmented. Usually, it is the depth differential between the scar and surrounding skin that creates a light-shadow interface, and makes them prominent.

Most patients have a combination of different types, and are usually best treated by combination therapy. It can be a fairly long process for the patient, and may require patience on the part of both the patient and the physician.

Depending on type of the scar, our options are:

Small shallow scars - usually can be addressed by a filler injection
Deep ice-pick scars, especially large ones - need to be excised and meticulously reapproximated first, usually with subsequent dermabrasion or laser resurfacing.
Dermabrasion has been a gold standard for treating extensive multiple scars. It is being gradually replaced by fractionated CO2 laser resurfacing. Among these, Deep FX is a promising new therapy for these patients. Sometimes several laser treatments are required, and occasionally dermabrasion followed by laser therapy is beneficial.
It is important to see a physician who has experience in treating these patients and who can offer you all of these options and recommend the right course of therapy